A Medical Social Worker can provide the patient and family with assistance in many areas that could hinder treatment of stated rehabilitation potential but not limited to:

Counseling for long term planning and decision, i.e. nursing home placement or life care communities.  
Community resource planning
Stress management/coping skills training
Short term goal oriented counseling for coping strategies
Patient and family support groups and education programs
Meals on Wheels service arrangements
Family Conferences
Conference with family and home care staff
Assistance with understanding medical and financial bills
Educates the patients and family about their medical problems and crisis management

HOME HEALTH AIDE (HHA) services are provided on an intermittent basis and the services provided by the certified home health aide are determined by a nurse in accordance with your physician based on your specific needs:

Helping patient bathe and dress
Assisting with in and out of bed
Assisting with mouth and hair care
Changing patients linens
Assisting with training in self-care techniques
Assisting with light meal preparation

OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY SERVICES/HAND SPECIALIST (OT) teach patients techniques to improve their independence in activities of daily living (ADL), i.e. dressing and grooming
Teach therapeutic activities that are designed to restore function
Teach energy conservation techniques, sensorimotor integration techniques, work simplification and joint protection
Manual Therapy Techniques
Teach therapeutic activities to enhance functional performance and cognitive/perceptual function
Neuro-muscular Facilitation/NDT
Fabrication of orthosis (splints)
Assistance in constructing a device that will allow a patient to hold a utensil to feed themselves
Adaptive equipment training

SPEECH-LANGUAGE PATHOLOGIST (SPEECH THERAPIST (SLP) benefits patients who have suffered a Stroke, who have Parkinson, Multiple Sclerosis or Cancer, who sustained Head or Neck injuries or any debilitating neuro-muscular disorder.

Speech Therapist
Speech voice production
Improve communication of patients with language and speech impairments
Difficulty in speech (Aphasia)
Difficulty in swallowing (Dysphagia)
Special communication techniques

PHYSICIAL THERAPY SERVICES (PT) diagnosis patients needs.  Patients will receive benefits from physical therapy includes orthopedics, neurological disorders, Stroke, Parkinson disease, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoporosis, general weakness or decline in function after an illness or hospitalization.  We also specialize in pre and post-operative management such as hip and knee replacements.

Therapeutic Exercises
Manual Therapy Techniques
Myofascial release techniques
Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation/Neurodevelopment techniques (PNF/NDT)
Range of motion exercise
Balance and coordination/neuromuscular re-education
Vestibular rehabilitation
Functional mobility training
Relaxation techniques
Endurance training
Soft tissue mobilization
Pain management techniques
Neuromuscular electrical stimulation (IFT/TENS)
Gait training
Prosthetic/orthotic training
Transfer training
Fall Prevention Program
Safe & Effective Maintenance Program
Hot and Cold Packs
Lymphedema Management
Educate, demonstrate and establish Home Exercise

SKILLED NURSING SERVICES (RN) provide professional nursing care and assessment of all physiological systems and disease processes.

Assessment and treatment of surgical wounds, burns and different types of ulcers.
Administration of IV therapy fluids and medications.
Collection of specimens and laboratory result assessment
Teaching and care of urinary catheter and ostomy
Teaching of gastrostomy feeding administration and gastrostomy site care
Tracheostomy care and instruction
Oxygen therapy teaching
Patient and family education/teaching
Medication Management
Diabetic teaching, including signs and symptoms of abnormalities with treatment, insulin injection techniques, diet teaching, skin and foot care